Name Change Express is the premier service for a marriage name change. The idea to start this service came about when we realized that no other service like this existed after we got married and had to go through this process. After countless hours calling up several government agencies like the SSA and the California DMV and then contacting our credit card companies, insurance agencies, loyalty programs, investment providers, etc. we finally tracked down all of the information we needed to get the name change done — but it was painful and we endured multiple visits and mailings to some of these companies. We even looked for a service to help us out but didn’t find one that provided us with the information we needed.

Like you have probably done, we too came across several online sites that claimed to be name change experts — but as we dug deeper into what they offered we realized that all they were providing were standard template forms and letters filled in with my information. I’d STILL have to do ALL THE WORK of figuring out where to mail the letters and forms, what documents to include, whether I needed to go in person or if I could mail it in, and more.

That’s when we decided that we were going to do the brunt work so that brides and grooms alike would not have to endure the pain that we had felt.

We assembled a team of like-minded do-gooders who also wanted to help brides and off we went. Our team has personally researched not only federal and state government agencies you’ll have to contact to officially change your name but also thousands of companies who you’ll also want to inform of your new name.

The rest is history – we are now embarking on version 3 of our service and continuously are looking to improve how we can help our fellow brides make the switch even easier. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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We're happy to announce that Name Change Express has been acquired by LifeLock, Inc on July 16th, 2015. The site and service will shutdown on July 20th, 2015 but is free for use until then. Thank you for your support and business, it's been a pleasure serving you. -- Name Change Express Management